E. Pauline Johnson (Takehionwake) was a daughter of a Mohawk Chief and a white mother.  She was one of Canada’s most famous performers, poet, feminist and indigenous activist of the Victorian era. Pauline Johnson documented legends, told to her by her great friend, Squamish Chief Joe Capilano, in the Vancouver newspaper, The Daily Province, and then a book, ‘Legends of Vancouver’, in print now for over 100 years.

This Vancouver walking guide, visits some of the sites of those legends, and examines places of sacred meaning to First Nations people; places like The Two Sisters, Siwash Rock and Deadman's Island.

Salish First Nations who inhabit Vancouver include the Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil Waututh Nations. Each Nation will have their own stories and legends, that may differ from the legends documented here in Pauline Johnson Takehionwake’s book.



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Pauline Johnson Memorial
Start your tour with a visit to the Emily Pauline Johnson (Takehionwake) memorial.
The Two Sisters
The Legend of a Chief’s great love for his daughters.
Siwash Rock
The legend of a young father who sacrificed all for his child
The Lost Salmon-run
The legend tells of the story of the power of female children to the survival and the prosperity of the tribe.
The Sea-serpent
The Sea Serpent: The spirit of greed in the form of a sea-serpent is destroyed by a brave warrior.
Deadman's Island
The legend of countless wars fought over this rocky outcrop. And the great sacrifices paid by the people to achieve peace.
The Lost Lagoon
The inspiration behind E. Pauline Johnson Takehionwake's famous poem of the same name.
The Lure in Stanley Park
The legend of how an ancient evil corrupts and the power of human kindness to protect us all.
Deer Lake
The legend of a seal king.
Point Grey
The legend of how the great west wind was tamed and turned to stone.
The Recluse
The legend of an exiled Chief who saves his home from catastrophe.
The Lost Island
The legend of the search for what has been lost.
The Deep Waters
The legend of a great flood and the survival of the people.
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The chapters featured on the website do not include all the text in the book 'Legends of Vancouver' by E. Pauline Johnson (Takehionwake). If you would like to read the book in the original or order a hard copy of the book click here. 


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